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Exclusive Interview of Sijia

Hello Sika, welcome to LETWENTYSIX channel. We are glad to have you as our guest.

Sika, can you please introduce yourself to our audience?

About Brand:

Q1: Can you please give our audiences a brief of your brand?

Sika: My brand called SiJia. It’s founded by me and also contributed by other stream members from the University of Arts London. It is an eco-conscious womenswear brand and we are going to be more sustainable and circular in the future. But for now, I think it’s still too early to call it a sustainable fashion brand.

Q2: What kind of style that you established in your brand and why?

Sika: I think my style is a kind of something between romantic and simplicity. It’s just because I think women should have different characters in their lives. Sometimes they might want to look more professional, and sometimes they want(like) dress something for a date, or going to see friends. So I think something looks more…(how to say), can I say ambiguous and could be something better for women to wear in a different situation.

Q3: What kind of difficulties you have encountered when you launched this brand and How did you solve them afterward?

Sika: I think the most difficult thing is finding out the supply chain because we are only using natural based, eco-friend fabric, and you know, China is the biggest producer of the polyester. So it will be really difficult to find something looking good and also biodegradable and eco-conscious. So it’s really limit our design and choices. My solution is still just to go for more suppliers and to find more choices.

Q4: Is there anything impressive in whilst you build up fashion career that you wanna share with your audiences?

Sika: EMMM I don’t know this hah… For this question, I don’t know how to answer; and I think it’s still too early to say so. Thank you haha.

About Design:

Q1: What is your inspiration of your new collection?

For this collection, the inspiration is from woman’s body and liposuction. I want to use the fat and liposuction surgery to have like the shape as my inspiration to show, to basically, ironically showing people there shouldn’t be such treatment to your body and love that imperfect part of your body to think it is still looking good.

Q2: Who will be your target audience?

I think those women who live in the first-tire city in china or in Europe and who care about the style, who care about the unique design and sustainability, more than just only caring about going after the trend and cheap price, or something like this.

Q3: What kind of idea you want to pass to your audience through your product?

I think it’s the slow fashion lifestyle (to buy products once a season to maybe a year; if it is hard to achieve, I think it better to be at least buy something that is better for environment.) And without compromising the style, and you don’t need to compromise your style to shop sustainability, and so this is what we trying to do, and what we.we trying to show a customer that you just picked a style you want, pick the clothes you like, and you also taking part in the slow fashion movement. That means you are helping us to decrease the amount of the carbon emission for the environment.

Q4: What elements were involved in your design?

I would say different color box contrast and…(how to say)…Maybe just some draping stuff to show the different curves of different bodies, and also the imperfect parts of all body curves… But they are still beautiful, I’m just kind of using this way and show them in silhouette or construction of my garments, yep… Thank you.

This is the end of Sika’s interview and we all very appreciative that she shares her brand values, stories, and details of her design with us. Also, we wish that SIJIA Studio will be well-known by more people and stands at a higher fashion position.