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You kn​ow the fashion designer Yiwen Wong?

Fashion design Yiwen Wong was born in Harbin, China. Throughout her life, she has always harbored a passion for fashion design, which manifested in a love of knitting and women’s wear and provided her with a motivation to go on studying a master’s in London College of Fashion after graduating from BA for several years.

As she was a child, her father owned considerable books of traditional Chinese paintings that affected her, which was her first time discovered her interest in art. And at the same time, she has developed the sensitivity for art and aesthetics in general. This awareness has continued to be prevalent in her life and ultimately inspired her to undertake a fashion design when she was in high school. What is more, in order to get into the Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology for the BA course, she sought the assistance of fashion design teachers to broaden her skill of making a portfolio, alongside self-studying design and sewing, which provided her with professional knowledge of the course.

After graduated from university, Yiwen started working for a famous Chinese brand as an assistant to the chief designer for 2 years. However, she enjoyed changing a new environment at regular intervals and experience different jobs and lives in different places. So, she quitted this job and moved to another city to seek a new chance after that. Despite lacking a new idea in design sometimes, she has tried her best to overcome it and she would like to leave herself alone to have deep thinking and a break. For this point, Yiwen realized that her knowledge is not enough to support her dream. Then she decided to away from work temporarily then go for a Master course at the London College of Fashion. Because it is one thing to have an ambition and it is another thing to achieve it.

Yiwen also has a plan after graduation from a Master’s study is to start her fashion design business with her partner. We are looking forward to seeing her on a bigger fashion stage afterward.

Design/Styling all by Yiwen Wong

Image Credit : Yiwen Wong