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Vicki Wonderland

I take romanticism as the core and elaborate my aesthetic ideas and identity through the interpretation and understanding of a poem by Shelley. It is a narrative poem called “a faded violet.” Besides getting inspiration from nature and culture, artworks also can be another crucial source for obtaining inspiration. Artworks seemingly establish communication with artists, which can drive me to have a deeper understanding of my own work. In the investigation, I found that Zhi Jiang’s work coincided with my design concept. He recorded the moment when the flower burned. The blooming flowers burned in the flames, and the living body withered instantly. In fact, it could be a complex feeling of blooming and dying at the same time. (Wenzhao. H, 2012)The burning flower does not mean life tends to destroy. Actually, it means life becomes brighter.

Design/Styling all by Vicki Wu

Image Credit : Vicki Wu