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Kintsugi X Sustainable Fashion

Kintsugi X Sustainable Fashion

“I think there is a bit of mediocrity in perfection,” Dano says.

Kintsugi means using a traditional art technique to restore the original broken porcelain, jade, and bamboo pieces into new artworks with gold as the primary material. It gives new life to the artifacts and also conveys a concept of appreciating the beauty of fragmentation. Life is impermanent, where there is no regret; the important thing is that every broken rebirth may be more beautiful than perfection.

Not only that, in terms of material selection, but Dano also uses the waste recovered from the waste denim factory to re paste the waste into new denim fabric. The white checkerboard is painted on the denim fabric with gypsum, which gives it a sense of sculpture art. The focus of the whole design is not only the traditional heritage of Kintsugi but also the concept of sustainable fashion to make fashion more environmentally friendly.

Design/Styling all by Dano Lai

Image Credit : Dano Lai