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Q2 What kind of difficulties you have encountered during the process of these collections or anything impressive you wanna share with your audiences?

For both C1 and C2, our team faced the problem of fabric printing.

During the process of Collection1, we changed the layouts of the c1 floral pattern for 3times in order to show the best visual effect of the fabric we’ve selected.

As for Collection2, we played the green-light pattern in different fabrics which aimed to represent the good quality of printing patterns on our design.

Q3 How did you solve them?

We communicated with different manufactories about the printing skills, for presenting our pattern perfectly. In the process, we tried many times to make sure the pattern is suitable for any different kind of fabric.

Q4 What kind of style you want to establish in each of your collections?

For the first collection, we want to present a feeling of holiday. Summer is a good time for a holiday, especially for girls. A good day should go with a good dress, we design a white dress with pinky flowers, establishing a comfy and cozy feeling. The dress is not the only option for girl on holiday, we also publish top and trousers for the girls who face people with elegant and cool styles.

For the second collection, basing on the green light inspiration, we play with black and green element on our design. In this high street collection, we used the elements been loved by young people: army pants, short tops, etc. The design involves zips and big pockets to show the boy’s feeling. Most items in this collection are genderless (doesn’t with obviously girl feeling), we want to present that girls appear like who they want to be

Q5 What is your expectation for this time’s collections?

In the first collection, we aim to ring holiday feeling and comfy lifestyle to our customer.

In the second collection, we want to encourage girls to tone brave to show who they want to be.