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The Sustainable Fashion Global Online Summit

The sustainable fashion global online summit was hosted by WWD China CEO Lena Yang and WWD China VP & Chief Content Officer Johannes Neubacher. Ms. Shaway Yeh, the founder of the famous sustainable development creative consulting agency, as an expert partner, participated in the planning, organization, and execution of the summit throughout the process, providing a reliable guarantee for the academic nature of the summit.

Regarding the purpose of launching the summit, WWD China CEO Lena Yang said: “The impact of Covid-19 has actually surpassed threats or crises. It is a catalyst for promoting innovation in the fashion industry. The first Copenhagen summit has passed in 10 years, and the fashion industry is still one of the most polluting industries. Therefore it’s time for the entire industry to change from the commitment to definite action, and we hope that this summit will be the starting point to drive the whole industry and take action quickly. ” For this point, WWD China VP & Chief Content Officer Johannes Neubacher also states that the current coronavirus crisis is a good time for the industry to reflect.

Before this summit, WWD China had launched “Kind to Earth, Fashion for Future, to be a hard-core fashion man with temperature and responsibility,” because consumers are more popular than ever in the global environment where epidemics prevail. All are more aware of how their daily purchasing choices affect our environment, and the industry must be prepared.