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Green is clearly visible at the last moment of the sunset.

It was said that the last ray of light emitted by the sun at the last minute of its slow fall on the sea level is green which lasts for only 1-2 seconds, that’s why it is easy to be ignored. But meanwhile, it also creates a rare and precious green light. When you close your eyes, the green light left by the cerebral cortex will shine in the obsidian night sky.

The difference between cold and warmth is the clue that runs through this collection; dark black, warm brown, natural white, and tin gray constitute the main colors of this season. LETWENTYSIX 21AW is inspired by the drama “Westworld”, starting from the awakening of artificial intelligence in the drama, and getting inspiration from the collision between virtual and reality; to add denim, leather, felt, suede and other elements to show the charm of western style.